Family Day, Farragut Style


The day started off with a flag ceremony overlooking the waterfront and a march of flags representing many countries of the world and our diverse student body.

Following the flag raising ceremony was a breakfast social hosted by Captain Fine and Mrs. Fine at Farragut Hall’s West Lounge. Parents mingled and enjoyed hot coffee, pastries, and fresh fruit. Then, Upper School Parents were invited to visit their child(ren)’s classrooms.

Lower School parents also got the opportunity to visit their Lower School child(ren)’s classroom and were able to enjoy some of the beautiful projects they had been working on as well as interact with various class experiments and displays.

The Student Center hosted an Art Exhibition where student work embellished every corner. A Book Fair was also open for anyone interested in purchasing books to enjoy at home.

A cookout lunch by SAGE Dining services gave the day a perfect touch, as families shared food and made memories to last a lifetime.

The Lower School also gathered in the DeSeta Chapel and witnessed a Lower School band performance. Also, various musical pieces were featured by each grade.

The final Family Day Parade was beautifully staged! The entire student body participated as the school band “The Admiral’s Own Band” performed in the background.

It was such an amazing day, so many of our staff took pictures. Now we literally have 1,500 photos that captured the moments! Make sure to click the link below and see all of them!

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