Signature Programs

Only at Farragut

Signature programs allow our graduates to turn a traditional high school transcript into a foundation unlike any other. We take pride in producing graduates who are miles ahead of millions of other college applicants.


Growth and Confidence

At Farragut, there is a saying that goes, “On purpose, with a purpose.” Our approach to leadership transforms, inspires and empowers young people to create a positive change in their school and communities.

Naval Science

Structure for Success

All Upper School students are a part of the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) through our Naval Science program, which includes physical training, drill, and learning to sail at our waterfront.


Soar to New Heights

Our Aviation Program provides safe, professional flight and ground instruction to students interested in aeronautical science and the field of aviation.


Dive In and Explore

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Ginnie Springs to the Keys, the state of Florida ranks among the top places to dive. Our students have the opportunity to visit some pretty cool places.

Marine Science

Hands-On Discoveries

Our waterfront location gives students the advantage of being eyewitnesses to the material they are studying. During the academic day students explore Boca Ciega Bay and collect marine organisms for on-campus touch tanks.


Forward Thinking

The advanced Engineering Program at Farragut provides students an opportunity to explore and experience engineering through a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and real-world problem solving.

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