Two 5th grade students Dylan R. and Hugh S. and 2nd grade student Zach R. joined aviation instructor Mr. Ewing on a flight their parents won during the Parents’ Group Auction this past year.

They departed Albert Whitted Airport and headed west to circle over Farragut for several minutes while their peers waved to them from the football field. Afterwards they flew south following the beach to Ft. DeSoto then over the Skyway bridge to Manatee airport before they returned to downtown St. Petersburg’s Albert Whitted airport. Both Hugh and Dylan took turns flying.

“It was exciting,” Dylan said. “I took control of the airplane during the take off and flew the first half and Hugh flew the second half. I was nervous during take off, because I had never been in control of anything like that, even though Mr. Ewing had full control too.”

Dylan plans to take aviation for fun when he enters 8th grade.

“When I grow up I want to be a fighter pilot in the Navy so I really enjoy the flights with Mr. Ewing,”

said Hugh who has been flying with Mr. Ewing every year since Kindergarten.

“I really enjoyed it and will begin taking aviation as soon as I can. Mr. Ewing is a really good teacher. He helps me feel confident when I take control of the airplane.”