International student creates unique learning opportunity


Farragut prides itself on its global community. It is seen daily, especially through the interaction of students on campus. Recently, Mrs. Foley’s Honors English II class experienced the positive effect of cultural exchange when Timur Daulbaev translated Alexander Pushkin’s poem Autumn from Russian into English.

The students had been assigned the poem, which they had originally read in the English version. Pushkin, a Russian author, is one of the most famous Russian poets comparable to an American author like Robert Frost. In addition to translating the poem from Russian into English, Timur told his peers how he had read Pushkin in school before coming to Farragut. Timur then pulled out his phone, found the poem, and read it to the class in Russian.

“We could hear how it sounded in the actual language it was written in and hear the rhythm and rhyming of the words in Russian. The class liked listening to it, and I thought how cool it is that we can take advantage of those kinds of learning experiences because of the varied background of our student body,” said Mrs. Foley. “Only at Farragut can something like that happen.”