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You’re networked for life

When you attended Admiral Farragut Academy, you joined an accomplished group of more than 11,000 alumni. From alums who walked on the moon to bestselling authors to Naval aviators. Farragut alumni are making names for themselves. Others have made successful, meaningful lives outside of the spotlight as CEOs, nonprofit leaders, and software engineers — and […]

Two seniors selected for the 79th Annual Rotary Club Outstanding Youth Awards

On Friday, March 2, 2018, Linda Delgado Libien ‘18 and Ryan Green ‘18 were two of 15 students from eight St. Petersburg area public and private high schools that were selected for the 79th Annual Rotary Club Outstanding Youth Awards, an honor that distinguishes high school seniors who go above and beyond their duty to […]

Students use technology and creative skills to learn biology

While Bio Honors students were learning about cells, students were asked to design a one-page advertisement or a 60-second commercial explaining why we just cannot live without a specific organelle. Students were asked to use the latest and greatest in computer technology or recording technology and were allowed to choose their favorite cell organelle. Using […]