Boarders assemble care packages for Molly’s Adopt a Sailor Program

On Monday, May 7th, Admiral Farragut Academy hosted a care package party with boarding student volunteers and over 50 volunteers from around the community for Molly’s Adopt a Sailor Program.

Molly’s Adopt a Sailor Program has been in existence for 10 years and its purpose is to send care packages to our deployed military. Molly’s Adopt A Sailor has grown to the level of recognition within the Navy and all branches. The care packages go to a recipient that does not often receive things from home and have been nominated by other military personnel, comrades, chaplains, or other related personnel. In celebration of Navy Week, Molly’s Adopt A Sailor has executed several packing parties and other community events to raise awareness.

More than 20 of our boarders helped unload the packing boxes, set up the goods and assembly lines, and helped put together the care packages. The boarders had a great time while being part of something bigger than themselves.

Other volunteers included those from the Navy, Chief Daniels with the USS Mahan stationed in Norfolk, Virginia and eight of his crewmates who are in town for Navy Week at MacDill, and Chief Michael Martin with the NRS St. Petersburg and NRD Miami; the Sunshine Soul Sisters, a running, biking, and exercise group that does a lot of charitable benefits; the St. Petersburg General Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC) and the St. Petersburg GFWC Junior Women’s Club; and Molly’s Adopt a Sailor volunteers.

Special thank you to Cathleen Lesnick, Janet Hodges, Rita Bauwens (her daughter, Karlie Bauwens), and Lori Roberge with Molly’s Adopt a Sailor and to AFA’s Victoria Raymer, CDR Schock, Pete Vaughn, and Commandant Wallingford for coordinating this event for our students.

Learn more about Molly’s Adopt a Sailor Program.

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