Farragut senior Robert Laovoravit helps retirement community for Eagle Scout project


Admiral Farragut Academy is proud to have students that embody a charitable spirit. Robert Laovoravit, a senior international boarding student from Pak Kret, Thailand, is a prime example of this spirit, as he showed with his Eagle Scout project in February.

Robert with the Activities Coordinator for the retirement home.

Over about a month between late February and the beginning of Spring Break, Robert built two picnic benches and tables for a local retirement community. Admiral Farragut Academy was instrumental in helping the project by donating $400 for materials and supplies. The benches were arranged one per table so that patrons in wheelchairs could access the other side of the table.

Robert wasn’t the only one invested in the project. He had a number of people at Farragut that helped him including faculty, staff, and his peers who all worked for a total of 102 hours. The Farragut students who helped him also gained a total of 75 hours collectively towards their community service.

“It was really nice seeing all of my classmates being so willing to help,” Robert said.

“Most of them didn’t even need the community service hours. They were just doing it out of the goodness of their heart.”

A special thank you to everyone at Farragut that was involved in the project: Jose Lynch, Tobias Klenk, Sara Oi, Mr. Carlos Javier, Mr. Joshua Moore, Madison Moore, Rex Walrond, Ashton Raymer, Cole Raymer, Mr. Derek Raymer, Mr. James Becker, Vladimir Poliak, Mr. Jose Ferrer, Bo Nwoo, Jun Lee, Cadence Smith, Mr. Pete Vaughn, Mrs. Locklear, Mrs. Wallingford, CAPT Fine, and Mr. Marc Spera.

Robert has been in Boy Scouts for 8 years and was a Cub Scout before that. He is also on the Sailing team and in Scuba classes, and he was a member of Junior Statesmen of America. He has been accepted to the University of California Riverside and will major in Psychology. “I want to be in the Coast Guard, and then after that, I’m not sure what I’d like to do,” he said. “Hopefully getting a degree in Psychology will help me find my career.”

We’re so proud of you Robert. Keep up the great work!