Upper School Awards 2015-2016

Senior Awards

During the Senior Class Awards and the Lowerclassmen Awards the following students and teachers were awarded for a multitude of accomplishments including academic, military, leadership, athletics, well-roundedness, community service, and more.

Senior Class Awards

The Administration of Admiral Farragut Academy takes pleasure in announcing the following awards to be presented at the Awards Ceremony at 1115, Friday, 20 May 2016.

THE CHAPIN AWARD:  To the “Most Efficient Cadet Officer of the Year.”

  • Ruiqi ‘Brooke’ Liu

THE HEADMASTER’S AWARD: To senior cadets for outstanding service to the Academy.

  • Maiya Fudge
  • Rachel Goldstein
  • Hunter McCann
  • John Winters

HEAD OF UPPER SCHOOL AWARD:  In recognition of the cadets who have embraced their high school experience, were involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and maintained strong academics.

  • Myles Beach
  • Ashaunti Brown
  • George Dyche
  • Elizabeth Gaskins

THE GENERAL DOUGLAS MacARTHUR FOUNDATION AWARD: For outstanding leadership as a senior cadet:

  • Michael Cooney

THE CLEARWATER CHAPTER OF THE MILITARY ORDER OF THE WORLD WARS ROTC AWARD: A medal for patriotic achievement, citizenship, and respect for constituted authority and leadership.

  • Rachel Goldstein
  • Certificate of Appreciation-Corynn A. Miner

SUNCOAST CHAPTER 014 KOREAN WAR VETERANS:  A certificate and medal in recognition of excellent leadership ability and outstanding achievements in JROTC.

  • Alyx Wilkins

THE AMERICAN VETERANS OF WORLD WAR II, KOREA AND VIETNAM:  A certificate and medal for leadership and academic achievement.

  • Eddie Barrie

THE ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, SOUTHERN JURISDICTION, USA:  A medal and certificate in recognition of scholastic excellence and demonstrated Americanism.

  • Jack Seabrook

THE MOST WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of FREE & ACCEPTED MASONS of FLORIDA AWARD:  For recognition of a cadet who has shown perseverance and hard work.

  • Andrew Futcher

MILITARY OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA:  A gold medal to the First Class Cadet who has distinguished his/herself in leadership, military bearing and excellence in character.

  • Ruiqi ‘Brooke’ Liu

NJROTC HONOR CADET:  To the cadet in each year group with the highest overall academic achievement for the 2015-2016 school year.

  • CLASS OF 2016: Xuan ‘Vicky’ Wang

NJROTC DISTINGUISHED CADET:  To the cadet with the highest combined average and scholastic standing in NJROTC, academics and military bearing:

  • Naval Science IV:  Kollyne Thomas

DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN COLONISTS:  To the cadet who  shows proficiency in academic subjects, ROTC activities, and Good Citizenship.

  • Corynn Miner

ZETA UPSILON OMEGA CHAPTER OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY’S MERIT SCHOLARSHIP:  To the cadet who has exhibited Leadership and Community Service.

  • Maiya Fudge

ZETA UPSILON OMEGA CHAPTER OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY’S INAUGURAL RANDOLPH LEWIS “BRIDGE BUILDER” SCHOLARSHIP:  Named in honor of Randolph Lewis, who volunteered for the organization for over 20 years and is given to the cadet based upon an essay and overall character.  

  • Kevin Gordon

THE COMMANDANT’S AWARD:  To senior cadets for outstanding improvement in performance.

  • Ivan Clare

THE MR. AND MRS. FRANK WENDT DISTINGUISHED MUSICIAN AWARD:  To the outstanding musician in the Admiral Farragut Academy Band during the 2015-2016 school year.  The award was established by Frank P. Wendt ’42, a graduate of Admiral Farragut Academy, North.

  • Franceska Akel

THE CWO-4 Victor Shul, USMC,  BAND SERVICE AWARD:  To the two cadets making the most outstanding contribution to the band program over four years:

  • Franceska Akel
  • Sarah Weiss


THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY SOCIAL STUDIES AWARD: To the cadet who has shown the greatest interest and improvement in Social Studies:

  • Andrew Futcher

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY ENGLISH AWARD:  To the cadets who have shown the greatest interest and achievement in English:

  • AP Literature and Composition-Sasha DeSilva
  • English IV Honors-Kenny Stutts
  • English IV-Melanie Andrion

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY WRITING AWARD:  To the cadet who has shown distinguished passion and skill in writing:

  • Sasha DeSilva

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY JOURNALISM AWARD:  For excellent performance on a school-produced publication.

  • Hannah Hartung

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY MATHEMATICS AWARD:  To the cadets who have shown the greatest interest and achievement in mathematics:

  • Xuan ‘Vicky’ Wang
  • Cory Burke

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY SCIENCE AWARD:  To the cadet who has shown the greatest interest and achievement in science:

  • Jhonelle Young

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY FINE ARTS AWARD:  To the cadet who has shown the greatest interest and achievement in Fine Arts:

  • Xuan ‘Vicky’ Wang

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY FOREIGN LANGUAGE AWARD:  To the cadets who have shown the greatest interest and achievement in foreign languages:

  • SPANISH: Jhonelle Young
  • CHINESE: Franco Castellanos

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY ENGINEERING AWARD: To the cadets showing the greatest interest and achievement in engineering:

  • Kenny Stutts

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY SCUBA AWARD: To the cadet who has demonstrated the most proficiency, excellence and participation in the dive program:

  • Jack Lescarbeau

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY AVIATION AWARD:  To the cadets who have demonstrated the most proficiency in aviation:

  • Ruiqi ‘Brooke’ Liu

THE ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY EXHIBITION DRILL AWARD:  To the cadet who contributed the most to the Exhibition Drill Team:

  • Alyx Wilkins

THE ORIE T. BANKS BEST SENIOR ATHLETE AWARD: To the cadet selected as the best senior athlete of the year in memory of Orie T. Banks, a former Dean of Students of Admiral Farragut Academy. A medal and his or her name engraved on a permanent plaque:

  • Alex Gray
  • Corynn Miner

THE GRIMES MEMORIAL TROPHY: To the cadet contributing most to the athletic program at Admiral Farragut Academy. A medal and his and her name engraved on a permanent plaque:

  • Jack Lescarbeau
  • Maiya Fudge

THE ASSOCIATION OF MILITARY COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS OF THE UNITED STATES AWARD:  To a faculty or staff member who has contributed most to the mission of Admiral Farragut Academy:

  • 1st Sgt David Worthy

THE NATHANIEL “NATE” LEWIS WILKINS  MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD:  Nathan Wilkins’ mother had planned to present this next award today, but due to a back injury and an out of town emergency,  she sadly is unable to be with us today.  Ms. Lewis has asked me to present this next award “The Nathaniel Lewis Wilkins Scholarship for Compassion and Loving-Kindness” in her words today………”Since the loss of my son age 20, 4 years ago, Nathan Wilkins, an Admiral Farragut class of 2011 graduate,  I have made it my life’s purpose to be a walking continuation of the best of him. He was a wonderful son to his parents and step parents, a compassionate friend to his AFA classmates, a beloved student to his teachers, including but not limited to, Coach Nick, Mrs. Dietche, Capt Fine, his many band teachers, and CDR Grabowski. Those closest to Nathan knew who he was and they shared his sense of humor, compassion, love and kindness at every opportunity. As for me, Nathan taught me the meaning of true love with his birth April 16, 1992. From that amazing day until his death on April 22, 2012, he taught many people the value of loving-kindness and compassion.  So it is In Nathan’s honor that I’ve established this $3,000 scholarship to be given to a graduating senior who understands and is dedicated to spreading compassion and loving-kindness as they walk through their lives.  It is at times very difficult to know what one should do with their precious life and their future. Senior questions like “where to go to college or graduate school?, what to study?, how to make new friends and build a supportive community?”, may be easier for some to answer than others.  Yet most of us know that when times are hard, compassion and loving-kindness is all we need to make the present moment clear and meaningful.  Most Students at AFA have an exceptional ability to understand that personal sacrifice and hard work benefits the person offering it as much as it benefits the person receiving it.  Our award winner for this year was able to recognize how healing it was for him to be surrounded by kindness and compassion when he first stepped foot on AFA campus; he was able to testify to the strength of character he had seen in his friends here. I would like to present this scholarship for Ms. Lewis to:

  • Hunter McCann


  • Jack Winters-Merchant Marine Academy Appt. in the amount of $250,000
  • George Dyche-Navy ROTC Scholarship in the amount of $180,000
  • Jack Lescarbeau-Navy ROTC Scholarship for $180,000 and an Army ROTC Scholarship in the amount of $135,000

Underclassmen Awards

On May 23, Farragut held its Underclassmen Award ceremony honoring the accomplishments of the Upper School cadets.

Head of Upper School Award

  • Zachary Fine
  • Katherine Barnett

Maj. Megan McClung Scholarship Award

  • Alina Dixon

Anne Frank Humanitarian Award

  • Max Kostyashkin

Military Order of the Purple Heart

  • Richard Dunleavy

Navy League-President Theodore Roosevelt Medal

  • Kyndal Olander

Sons of the American Revolution

  • Trevor Bennati

Daughters of the American Revolution

  • Kyndal Olander

AMSCUS Purple Heart Scholarship

  • Richard Dunleavy

Dadealian NJROTC Award

  • Patrick Hales

Steven Decatur Surface Navy

  • 10th-Sam Nolin, 11th-Sean Simon


  • Patrick Hales

NJROTC Honor Cadet

  • 2017:  Joy Wang
  • 2018:  Ashley Liu
  • 2019: Evan Schlifstein

NJROTC Distinguished Cadet

  • NS I: Sascha Broderick
  • NS II: Sam Nolin
  • NS III: Kyndal Olander

Exhibition Drill Most Improved

  • David Kelly

John M. Vanderford

  • Trevor Bennati
  • Katherine Barnett