Six filtered-water fountains and bottle refill stations added around campus

With the support of the Farragut Parents’ Group and Farragut families Chris and Jennifer Love (Gator Mechanical) and Lanie and Mark Salebra (Salebra Family Restaurants), six Elkay® ezH2O® filtered-water fountains and bottle refill stations have been installed throughout campus.
The Parents’ Group purchased four water station units that are already installed or being installed in Farragut Hall, the Russell building, the Lower School playground, and the Lower School classroom walkway outside the office. The Salebra family purchased the single unit at the Al Ross Field’s concession stand and the Love family purchased a double unit for the Huntley Gymnasium. With the funds raised from events like the Golf Tournament or Annual Auction, the Parents’ Group was also able to pay for all installation costs.

The electronic counter on the station allows students to see how many 20 oz. plastic disposable water bottles they are saving by using their own refillable bottles.

“This is an opportunity to teach our students the value of reusable goods,” said 2017-18 Parents’ Group President Denise Colangelo. “They are learning at a young age to recycle, reduce, reuse, and to respect the Earth.”

Already the students are drinking more water and staying hydrated during school. On Facebook Kindergarten teacher Marilyn Reynolds wrote, “the kids love using it and are drinking so much water just for the chance to refill their water bottles throughout the day!!! We love our Farragut Family!” Farragut parent Saskia Etter who has two daughters in Lower School at Farragut commented, “My girls all of the sudden refill their bottles a couple of times a day – way to go in making them drink more!!!”