Ryan Green ‘17 earns Eagle Scout Rank

Ryan and father, Tom Green

Ryan Green ‘17 has attended Admiral Farragut Academy since fifth grade and has been in Cub Scouts since he was in first grade. Although he received his rank of Eagle Scout from Troop 321 in Seminole, Florida on September 25, 2017, Ryan had completed his Eagle Scout project two years prior.

“I still had to earn more badges before I could earn this rank, but the opportunity arose to complete the project early so I did it,” Ryan explained.

R’Club Child Care, Inc. had reached out to Boy Scouts of America about fixing up an area at their child care center. According to R’Club’s website, “R’Club provides care for more than 400 children daily who have special needs and operates extended learning programs in both exceptional student education centers in Pinellas County.”

Ryan’s Eagle Scout project consisted of him coordinating the replacement of the flagpole, a pathway leading up to it, cleaning and power washing the area, and landscaping.

Ryan and Scoutmaster, Thom Hart

“The hardest part of the project was not being able to help,” Ryan said. “During your Eagle Scout project you can’t actually do the work, you have to lead others who do it. It was strange and I realized that it’s important to me that I do the manual labor with everyone else.”

Ryan said the project took only a couple of days to complete, however the paperwork took much longer. “Paperwork is always the longest and hardest part. You have to submit your proposal, get it checked, make those changes, get it checked again, and the paperwork has to be consistent and perfect before you can begin.”

In order for Ryan to reach Eagle Scout rank, he had to earn badges in knot tying, first aid, camping skills, cooking skills, and more. Ryan’s favorite activity has been canoeing and caving while camping.

“Being in scouts is all about taking action and putting the time in,” Ryan said.

In addition to Boy Scouts, Ryan has participated in baseball, golf, tennis, and soccer, is active in the band and plays the tenor saxophone and trumpet, is a member of the National Honor Society, and is the 3rd company commander on the regiment at Admiral Farragut Academy.

Ryan, who built his own computer once, believes he will either stay local or go to the University of Florida to study computer science, engineering, or cybersecurity with a minor in music.

Ryan believes that “no matter what it is, I can do it. I can practice enough, study enough. I know I am capable of it, it just depends if I am dedicated.”