Michael Israel visits campus, is covered by local news outlets

On Monday, March 18, 2019, speed painter and performing artist, Michael Israel, visited campus to spread the word about Admiral Farragut Academy’s upcoming event “Reach For The Stars” on April 6th where he will do a live performance for guests. | Purchase your tickets!

During the visit, Israel completed two speed paintings, including one that was the first ever underwater speed painting. The visit was covered by three different local news outlets.

In the early morning, Israel was featured with the local NBC affiliate, WFLA News Channel 8, by reporter Lila Gross. With the help of several Lower School students, they created a Farragut-themed speed painting.

They then moved to Farragut’s pool, where, with the help of Mrs. Singleton’s Scuba class, Israel did a live test run of his underwater speed painting.

Later in the morning, Israel was joined by the local CBS affiliate, WTSP 10 News, and the local FOX affiliate, Fox 13 News. This was the main event, as Israel, again helped out by the Scuba class, painted a portrait of Albert Einstein underwater in under 7 minutes!

“It was incredible,” says Melissa Price ‘19. “At first you couldn’t really tell what it was going to be, but then once he flipped it around and finished it up it was clear. It was Albert Einstein, and it was incredible.”

“I think the best artwork is not what’s on the canvas but the people it inspires, the support it raises for worthy endeavors,” says Israel. “That’s really what my art is all about.”

On Thursday, March 21, Israel was featured on News Channel 8’s morning program Daytime, where he taught hosts Cyndi Edwards and McKinzie Roth how to speed paint. Together, they created a painting of an eagle.

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