Michael Israel visits campus, is covered by local news outlets

On Monday, March 18, 2019, speed painter and performing artist, Michael Israel, visited campus to spread the word about Admiral Farragut Academy’s upcoming event “Reach For The Stars” on April 6th where he will do a live performance for guests. | Purchase your tickets!

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Max Kostyashkin ‘17 experiences cavern diving at Ginnie Springs

Mr. Davenport and Max Kostyashkin ‘17

Over the weekend of March 25th and 26th, Max Kostyashkin ‘17, who is a Master Diver in the Scuba program, traveled to the cave diving capital of the world in North Central Florida to take a Cavern Diving course. The course is taught by Scott Davenport, former Scuba Diving Instructor at Admiral Farragut Academy, who relocated to the Gainesville area. Read more

Scuba program finishes the school year in the Florida Keys; Mr. Davenport takes his flippers up north


The students in the Scuba Program finished the 2015-16 academic calendar with some incredible trips to Key Largo and Peacock Springs. Read more

The benefits of Scuba as part of academics

You can experience what astronauts do.


Once you master the concept of buoyancy, neutral buoyancy is like experiencing zero gravity, kind of like being in space. For a place where two astronauts are amongst its alumni, that’s rather fitting. And fun. Read more

Scuba Dive Club explores six springs in North Florida

Dive Club

Over the weekend the Admiral Farragut Academy Scuba Dive Club ventured to North Florida and dove six springs which included Ginnie Springs, Devil’s Eye, Devil’s Ear, Little Devils, Orange Grove Sink, and Peacock Springs. Some students did open water diving, some did cavern, and two did some cave diving. Read more

Students scuba dive at Manatee Springs State Park


The Scuba Dive Club took a day trip to Manatee Springs State Park located in Chiefland, Florida.  Manatee Springs is a first magnitude spring dumping 150 million gallons of aquifer water per day into the Suwannee River. Scuba Club is offered for those who are certified but are not enrolled in the curriculum. Read more

Two scuba students earn sidemount certification

Scuba sidemount

Max Kostyashkin ’17, a 5-day boarder from Miami Beach, and Josh Biggins ’17, a 7-day boarder from Palm Beach Gardens, completed their sidemount certifications at Blue Grotto this past weekend. Scuba student Patrick Hales ’17, a 7-day boarder from the United Kingdom who is currently working on his Intro to Cave certification, also joined them on the dive for fun.

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Scuba student achieves cavern certification and begins Intro to Cave

Jack Seabrook Scuba

For Jack, a 19-year-old boarding student from Houston, his journey into the miraculousness has included a two-year stint as a student in the Scuba program at Farragut, expertly taught and run by Mr. Scott Davenport. Having completed the introductory courses throughout his first year at Farragut, Jack used the beginning of this academic calendar to obtain the necessary certifications to move into the high-risk, high-reward world of cavern and cave diving — which occurred over the winter break in Ginnie Springs and Peacock Springs, just north of Gainesville, Florida.

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