Meet our Upper School Radford Star recipients who are recognized for excellence

The Radford Star Award recognizes outstanding cadets who have excelled in academics, extracurricular activities, deportment, drill, and seamanship. It is the single highest honor a cadet can receive at the Academy. Cadets qualify for a period of one marking period and are awarded 3 stars to wear on their uniform.

The Radford Star Award was established in 1960 and is named for the late Brigadier General Cyrus S. Radford, USMC, who was the first Superintendent of Admiral Farragut Academy. In order to qualify for the Radford Star, cadets must receive all A’s, have zero disciplinary issues, volunteer a minimum number of community service hours, have at least their Qualified Boat Handler waterfront qualification and be involved in the AFA community through sports, clubs or drill.

So far, in the three quarters that have elapsed in the 2017-2018 school year, nine students have been awarded the Radford Star. Of those nine, five have earned it more than one quarter, and two have earned it all three quarters! The Radford Star recipients are as follows:

1st quarter: Ryan Green ‘18, Bianca Desilva ‘20, Fernando Robalino ‘20, Evan Schlifstein ‘19, Dylan Burke ‘18, and Wei “David” Sun ‘18 (not pictured)


2nd Quarter: Ryan Green ‘18, Fernando Robalino ‘20, Dylan Burke ‘18


3rd Quarter: David Zbrozhek ‘21, Tobias Klenk ‘19, Fernando Robalino ‘20, Winston Dessessow ‘18, Dylan Burke ‘18, Bianca Desilva ‘20, Evan Schlifstein ‘19

Congratulations to our recipients thus far in the 2017-2018 school year!