Meet our school mascot “The Admiral”

The Admiral school mascot

Admiral Farragut Academy was lacking a mascot to bring some spirit to our athletic games and for campus events. Over the summer, the Advancement Team created “The Admiral” as our mascot to celebrate our naval history.

The first student to take on the role of The Admiral was David Kelly ‘17. Kelly, who is in his third year at Farragut, is a 7-day boarding student from Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Advancement Director Alison Lescarbeau said, “I was not sure how he would feel about being in the large, somewhat uncomfortable outfit (especially when it was still hot out). BUT I can tell you he nailed it! I could not have picked a better person for the job! He is so comfortable in the outfit and runs around getting everyone into the game. He dances to the music, cheers with the cheerleaders and poses for numerous photos with fans, especially the little kids.”

After the first game, he said, “Ma’am, if you want me to do this again, I am in.” He has been our mascot at every home game so far.

We are excited about having The Admiral as a part of our family. Go BlueJackets!