Aviation student Eiki “Luke” Matsuyoshi ’19 earns private pilot certificate

Please join the Aviation department in congratulating Eiki “Luke” Matsuyoshi ’19 on earning his Private Pilot Certificate. Luke passed his Private Pilot check ride with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019, with his first solo flight on Saturday, December 8th.

Luke is a 7-day boarder from Tokyo, Japan. He grew up around planes, with several family members who were part of the aviation career, and he’s always wanted to be a pilot. The toughest part of getting his license was having all of the knowledge necessary. “The test itself wasn’t that difficult because I was prepared,” Luke said. “However, for the oral portion, you sit down and talk for 2.5 hours to the examiner and they ask you textbook as well as situational questions.”

At Farragut, Luke is involved in golf, soccer, drone club, yearbook, and he is president of the photography club. His outside hobbies include surfing and Japanese martial arts. “I love seeing a birds-eye view of the world,” he said. “I fly drones, but that’s different because you’re on the ground. You’re looking at it through a camera. But when you’re in a plane, you’re seeing it for real.”

We asked Luke what advice he would give to future students.

“Try your best,” he said. “Most of the time it’s fun, but sometimes it’s really hard. You go uphill and downhill. Believe in yourself and proceed to chase your dream. As a senior, I saw everyone else having fun and I had to stay in my room on the books, but it was worth it.”

Luke is attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and will be majoring in Aeronautical Science with a goal to become a commercial airline pilot. “Earning my certificate will give me a huge advantage in college because the private pilot is one of the hardest,” said Luke. “Now I can add certifications onto the private pilot such as multi-engine and then can upgrade it eventually to commercial.”

“Overall, taking aviation really boosted my confidence,” continued Luke. “It helped me improve my judgment skills because you are the one operating and handling the communication and risk management. I also became a more critical thinker in general and in all areas of my life.”

“Earning a private pilot certificate in high school is a tremendous accomplishment that requires both dedication and perseverance,” said Mr. Ewing. “Luke has demonstrated both these attributes and so much more. It is always a pleasure to work with talented, driven students that never give up and continually strive to be the best. The Aviation Department is proud to have provided a foundation for his future aviation career.”