Lower School end of the school year fun, 2015-2016

Lower School Beach Day

Many fun Lower School events took place this last week to celebrate the end of another wonderful school year. Students were given awards for the outstanding performance and behavior in class, enjoyed a beach party, a field day, and more. 

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7th grade graduation to Upper School: https://farragut.smugmug.com/Lower-School/20152016-School-Year/7th-Grade/7th-Grade-Luncheon

7th grade 2016

Beach day: https://farragut.smugmug.com/Lower-School/20152016-School-Year/Special-Events/End-of-Year-Beach-Day

Lower School Beach Day

Field day: https://farragut.smugmug.com/Lower-School/20152016-School-Year/Special-Events/Field-Day/

Field day lower school

2nd and 3rd grade awards: https://farragut.smugmug.com/Lower-School/20152016-School-Year/Special-Events/2nd3rd-Year-End-Awards


For more Lower School events, visit SmugMug at https://farragut.smugmug.com/Lower-School/20152016-School-Year