Four Lower School students win radiant peace essay contest

We had four winners in this year’s radiant peace essay contest sponsored by The Radiant Peace Foundation International.

Our winners’ categories, grades, and prizes awarded are listed below:
Sophia Preston (Grades 1-5 Winner) 5th Grade $50
Jacob Arias (Grades 6-12 Winner) 6th Grade $75
Bella Reynolds (Grades 6-12 Winner) 6th Grade $75
Elise Graham (Grades 6-12 Honorable Mention) 7th Grade $25

For overall achievement, Admiral Farragut Academy was awarded $75 which will be used to fund a Newbery Reading Challenge for Mrs. Fowler’s students next year.

Each of our 25 students who participated in the writing contest will receive a radiant peace patch.

Our winning students’ work will be displayed in a rotating exhibit at The International Museum of Radiant Peace on Central Ave. in St. Petersburg. The museum will be holding two winners appreciation days on May 18th and the 25th in which all winners will be celebrated with special activities, gifts, and tours.