Enterprise Village inspires 5th grade


On Monday, October 26th, 5th grade students spent the day at Enterprise Village by the Stavros Institute. Enterprise Village is a self-contained economic education program that provides a hands-on learning experience unlike any other.Our students spent 6 weeks in their classroom studying economic education objectives that taught them about writing checks, using a debit card, keeping a checkbook register, applying for a job and working in a group.

These educational objectives were put into action as the students spend one day at Enterprise Village. The layout of Enterprise Village is similar to a shopping mall. During their business day, students worked in one of the 20+ businesses, took 3 breaks, received paychecks and had the opportunity to be consumers by making purchases in one of the business-sponsored storefronts. Without a doubt, this is considered by most students to be their best educational experience while in lower school.



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The Enterprise Village program assists students by allowing them to:

  • Develop basic economic concepts
  • Understand relationships between businesses and consumers
  • Use quality concepts in business and consumer planning
  • Develop a basic understanding of checking and savings accounts
  • Understand a simple decision-making process
  • Work together to satisfy customer’s expectations