The benefits of Scuba as part of academics

You can experience what astronauts do.


Once you master the concept of buoyancy, neutral buoyancy is like experiencing zero gravity, kind of like being in space. For a place where two astronauts are amongst its alumni, that’s rather fitting. And fun.

You can encounter marine life without going to places like Sea World.


At amusement parks, animals are in an unnatural state. Farragut students get to see incredible life happening up close. Like a manta ray swimming overhead or dolphin zipping by or a school of multicolored fish swooping in and around them. As a scuba diver, you also get to explore the nooks and crannies of miraculous rock formations. Beats standing in line for hours in Orlando.

You can act like a superhero.

Scuba Dive Club Key West 2015

Scuba divers have described the feeling of putting on a wetsuit, air tank, mask and flippers as a superhero-type experience. Once you’re in the water…and you can breathe under there, well, it’s like having a superpower, right?

You get visit some pretty cool places.


From the Gulf of Mexico to the Suwannee River to the Keys to Ginnie Springs, the state of Florida ranks among the top places to dive. Ginnie Springs, a place visited by the Farragut Scuba program each year, has often been called “the world’s favorite freshwater dive.” Over the years, thousands of divers from around the world have marveled at Ginnie Springs’ crystal-clear water and startling natural beauty. Jacques Cousteau, in fact, characterized Ginnie Spring as “visibility forever.” The Keys have some of the world’s most epic shipwrecks. The central portion of northern Florida is one of the largest and most active cave diving regions in the country. The Gulf Coast is home to abundant sea life, including Siesta Key’s Point of Rocks – known for the natural limestone rock formations.