Into the Blue: 2018-2019 Scuba Recap

Admiral Farragut Academy’s Scuba classes spent the 2018-2019 school year under the waves.

Certifications earned:

  • 22 open water certification
  • 25 advanced open water
  • 15 rescue certifications
  • 5 master divers
  • 2 Divemasters

Trips taken:

  • Multiple trips to the springs in North Florida for students to perform skills for open water
  • 3 trips to Lake Denton in Avon Park where students performed rescue scenarios for certifications
  • 4 trips to Hudson Grotto for students to complete the necessary requirements for certification (diving to 100 feet in a low visibility environment which simulates a night dive)
  • Trip to Epcot’s The Seas in Walt Disney World

Students learn diving in the pool at Farragut

East Coast Riviera Beach, September 2018

Ashton Raymer ’20 asks Diana Romanovskaya ’19 to Homecoming underwater in October 2018. She said yes!

Devil’s Den, November 2018

Devil’s Den, December 2018

Epcot’s The Seas at Walt Disney World, February 2019

Epcot’s The Seas at Walt Disney World, February 2019

Scuba students assist artist Michael Israel with his first-ever underwater speed painting, March 2019. For more photos and video, visit

Students learn rescue diving in April 2019