Registration Open for 2020 Summer Camps at Farragut

At Farragut, summer means jump right in. With fun and educational summer day camps and a world-renowned summer boarding program, our attendees get a glimpse of all the “awesome” that happens here all year long. And yes, our camps for EVERYONE, not just students of Admiral Farragut Academy!

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Summer@Farragut is a unique summer boarding experience for teens entering grades 8-12 from June 20 – August 1. Attendees may choose from academic and elective courses while also experiencing fun, local activities, and trips. Due to potential international travel restrictions, we are now offering an Extended Summer@Farragut program for the entire summer.

Fun and educational, day summer camps in St. Petersburg, Florida for boys and girls ages PreK and up. Featuring Little Captains, Little Explorers, STEM, Basketball, Wrestling, and American.