Daddy Daughter Dance themed the “Secret Garden Tea Party”, fun for all

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The Daddy Daughter dance for Lower School girls and their dads this past Saturday, Feb. 6th, 2016, was a time to create many beautiful memories. Farragut female students from the Lower School division enjoyed a lovely night with their dads.

The event took place in the West Lounge of Farragut Hall and was themed as a “Secret Garden Tea Party” in which guests enjoyed a build-your-own tea, beautiful petit-fours desserts and a delicious dinner catered by Chilli’s. A super fun photo booth was also set up for them to snap pictures.

The girls and their dads enjoyed the night by twirling, dancing and playing. The dads were very proud of their lovely girls and also had a blast. A special THANK YOU to the Parents’ Group for hosting the evening with every detail in mind!

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