Lower School hosts annual “Moms Hold The Key To Our Hearts”

It was another huge turnout for the Lower School’s “Moms Hold The Key To Our Hearts” event. More than 100 moms, grandmas, and special adults filled both the Mess Hall and the West Lounge for the chance to spend a special morning with their kids.

Parents’ Group Lower School liaison, Cathy Larrinaga, had the idea last year to rebrand Lower School’s “Muffins with Moms” event to “Moms Hold The Key To Our Hearts,” an event that would fall yearly on or near Valentine’s Day.

“It’s something that would give the event meaning, that moms and their kids could look forward to every year,” Cathy said. “Last year’s turnout was very much like this year, so I think it’s going to keep being successful.”

Cathy provided the decorations, which included heart-shaped centerpieces and heart-eye emoji wall decor. A breakfast of danishes, muffins, and mini quiches was provided by SAGE Dining Services.