20th Century History Honors Class visits closing U.S. Armed Forces Museum

Recently, Mr. Xenakis’ 20th Century History Honors class took a guided tour of the Armed Forces Museum in Largo, Florida. The class visited the museum after being made aware that it would close on January 29, 2017. A museum docent guided students through the various displays organized by time period and mostly focused on 20th Century U.S. military history. The collection included everything from small weapons, missiles, and tanks to huge models of World War II ships and elaborate displays depicting important moments in U.S. military history. Students were quickly impressed by the World War I trench warfare display that used audio to help convey an accurate sense of what warfare was like on the Western Front. Many other equally impressive displays followed. After seeing the collection, students expressed the hope that people step up to provide the alternative financing that would allow the museum to reopen somewhere else. “Thanks to all of the museum employees who made this tour possible and for allowing us to continue the tour after museum hours ended,” said Mr. Xenakis. “Also, thanks to Calvin Brown for driving and helping chaperone students. Finally, thanks to Luke Markus for coming up with the idea of going to the museum.”