Lower School students star in the 2018 Talent Show

On Friday, April 27th, the Lower School put on their second annual Talent Show. Students from grades Kindergarten to 7th grade performed, and the performances included everything from singing and dancing to science experiments and golf.

Kindergartener Lara Shamseddine performing “24 Magic” by Bruno Mars

4th grader Marin Lewis performing with her dance instructor Jan Bumbak

Kindergartener Isobel Davis doing a gymnastics routine to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

2nd graders Rylie Costello, Sereen Shamseddine, Leila Bakken, Jana Fackih, Braylee Rano, and Bailey Reynolds (L-R) performing “Someday” from the Disney Channel movie Zombies

Kindergartener Rogan Hearn showing off his knowledge of Golf


Kindergartener Erin Prather ballet dancing to “Best Day Of My Life” from Kidz Bop

5th grader Bella Reynolds and 6th grader Julia LoRusso showing off science experiments

5th grader Zac Vaughn performing Bach’s “Minuet 2” on the violin

7th grader Madison Hollingsworth performing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

The “Hamiltones”, 7th graders Calli McKee, Christian Lemmons, Chloe McQueen, Jillian Aprile, and Sam Wilson (L-R), performing “Alexander Hamilton” from the musical Hamilton