Farraguts LEGO Robotics teams compete in qualifying tournament

Saturday, January 26th, the Farragut Astros and the Galactic Narwhals LEGO Robotics teams competed in a qualifying tournament.

During the competition students were judged in several areas:

Robotics – Students are given a specific course with several LEGO related missions to complete. This year’s theme was Into Orbit for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Technical – Students show off their best programs and explain the technical/coding part behind it.

Core Values – Students are given a team-building task when they walk in the room. They are expected to work together as a team to complete the task while using the First LEGO League (FLL)’s set of Core Values. They are judged on how well they work together as a team.
Project – Students had to come up with a project to complete that related to the FLL’s theme, Into Orbit. Students completed research and came up with a solution related to problems astronauts face in space.

The Galactic Narwhals did a great job but, unfortunately, did not qualify for the regional tournament. Thank you to the Galactic Narwhals for a great season.
Galactic Narwhals
  • Jacob Arias
  • Katie Lynch
  • Leah Van Arsdale
  • Rodney Henry
  • Niko Panuthos
  • Chris Giblin
  • Ethan Creadon
  • Hans Renlund
  • Lars Renlund

The Farragut Astros had a great performance at the qualifying tournament and are moving onto the regional competition on February 23rd. Please congratulation the following students when you see them.
Farragut Astros
  • Tyler Hollan
  • Christopher Chan
  • Jett Caisse
  • Isaac Mariscal
  • Zachary Vaughn
  • Saige Jeffers
  • Allister Nasr
  • Gregory Ransone
  • Sophia Preston
  • Nour Fackih

Thank you to Mrs. Panuthos for volunteering at the event as the photographer!