Two class agents honored at Alumni Homecoming 2015

class agent 002

Ian David Lipsky ‘75N

We would like to honor, congratulate, and most of all thank Richard DeWitt ‘65S and Ian David Lipsky ‘75N for their dedication, commitment and brotherhood. Both played a tremendous role in making our Homecoming 2015 weekend a success and on behalf of their class, we would like to recognize them for their efforts.

class agent001

Richard DeWitt ‘65S

While our two recipients this year come from classes ten years apart, representing both campuses, and literally live across the country from one each other, their hearts are filled with the Farragut spirit many of us can be proud of. Both have been active in events in the past and both have played a role in our Board of Directors or Foundation Board of Trustees. Without the help and guidance of these gentlemen, Homecoming 2015 might have had a different feel.

A school such as ours spans many generations and our alumni are spread around the world. No matter what, one element that can keep a class together for years is the Class Agent. The job of Class Agent is simple, really. This individual is tasked with keeping his or her class engaged, connected to each other as well as the school. Over the years, we have used our Homecoming weekend to recognize our Class Agents as the leaders that make this weekend something special.