PINE BEACH REUNION AROUND THE CORNER: Register now for the event to be held on April 29 and 30!

2016 Pine Beach Masthead

Join us April 29 & 30, 2016. Seven years in the making… The annual Pine Beach Reunion continues to grow in numbers, focus, and purpose.

For those who attended our event seven years ago, you know how much this event has grown in all aspects. Each and every year, the purpose and message grows to capture both memories of our alma mater and visions of how we as an alumni community can continue to grow as one. The committee and Admiral Farragut Academy encourage you to join us for any or all weekend.

“The best part of this event for me is the long lasting relationships that we share! Some of us may have not seen each other since we graduated, while others have kept in contact more frequently. In either scenario, it’s great to see each other and continue to nurture our friendships that were made so many years ago as Cadets. As we are now in our adult lives to be able share our experiences and traditions with our families is priceless! Let’s face it, Farragut changed many of our lives for the better and set the course for our futures. It instilled good moral character and discipline. Most of the things I learned while at Farragut I use today in my daily life and business. At our Pine Beach Reunion from the first event of the weekend to the last, it seems like the time stands still while the details of our memories have become more and more vivid and the experience more positive and important. Attending this event has made me more proud than ever of my time at Admiral Farragut Academy and the relationships I made while at the Academy, plus the new relationships I make at these events are a treasure. Come join us for a fun and memorable weekend.”  —  Brian Fischer ’76N


When we first rekindled Farragut Reunions in 2010, we encouraged alumni to bring their wives, family, and friends. We have welcomed alumni from all years, even those who might only had attended for a brief time and did not graduate. Whether you were there one year or six, it has never mattered to us. Our events have always been about the Farragut brotherhood and continuing to nurture those relationships forged so many years ago.”  —  CAPT Frank Porcellini ‘80N,  USN (Ret)

The weekend of April 29 & 30, 2016 we have a full schedule of events and we invite you to join us and guest speaker CAPT Eugene Paluso II (ret.) ’85N, Commandant of Cadets, The Citadel. Read biography.

CAPT Eugene Paluso II (ret.) '85N

CAPT Eugene Paluso II (ret.) ’85N

Please visit for a complete schedule of events and registration.

We encourage you to reach out to your classmates, whether from your own class, upper class, or lower classes “rally the troops” to muster once again in Pine Beach and Little Egg Harbor, NJ. If we can be of any help providing current class lists, email addresses, or any information to help you reach out to your peers, please feel free to ask. Email us at or call 727-343-3678.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words… Take a minute to look at our incredible photo galleries from the past three years of reunions.

Pine Beach Alumni Reunion 2015

Pine Beach Alumni Reunion 2015

2015 Pine Beach Reunion Weekend

2014 Pine Beach Reunion Weekend

2013 Pine Beach Reunion Weekend