Support Farragut with a personalized parking space

As we begin plans for the 2019-20 school year, we are offering parking spaces in our new DeSeta Hall parking lot, Farragut Hall circular drive parking lot, as well as in our Lower School parking lot on behalf of the Parents’ Group. All parking spaces will have a permanent sign with your name on it for the entire school year with all proceeds going to our Parents’ Group.

All parking lots have 24/7 security. You can purchase your personalized parking spot for you or your teenage driver for only $3,000! Limited spaces are available. First come, first serve.

  • We have 6 parking spaces available in the new DeSeta Hall parking lot. This new area is located next to our Upper School classrooms at the Russell Building and athletic fields which will allow easy access to our facilities.
  • (9 SPOTS LEFT!) We have 12 parking spaces available in the Farragut Hall circular parking lot that is located close to our administrative offices, student center, and dorm rooms. 6 are reserved for day students and 6 are reserved for boarding students.
  • (2 SPOTS LEFT!) We have 7 parking spaces available in the Lower School parking lot which will make it easier for morning and afternoon drop off/pick up, attending school activities, and Lower School classrooms.

To purchase your parking space, contact the Business Office at or call 727-384-5503.