Lower school boys and moms glow bright at the Mother-Son Glow Party

Lanie Salebra and her son Max

During the evening of Friday, March 2nd, over 100 attendees including lower school boys and their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and/or other special adult glowed bright at the Lower School Mother-Son Glow Party! This free event was hosted by the AFA Parents’ Group and Mark and Lanie Salebra.

As everyone entered the event held in the gymnasium they walked through a glowing entryway tunnel and got a picture together. Afterward, each boy was gifted a special goody bag filled with glow-in-the-dark trinkets, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, LED finger lights, and their own cup.

SAGE Dining catered the event with delicious food including bruschetta, cheeseburger sliders, pimento cheese pinwheel sandwiches, chicken tenders, mini corn dogs, southwestern egg rolls, caprese salad, hummus and veggie cups, and fruit skewers for dinner. They also got super creative and made glow-in-the-dark cupcakes, jello, and neon cookies for dessert!

Everyone enjoyed dancing to music such as the chicken dance and cha-cha slide and fun games and contests such as the limbo, hula hooping, and musical chairs. There was a fantastic face painter who did a great job painting dragons, video game characters, and more on the boys’ faces. And to sweeten things up, there was a cotton candy vendor with illuminated sticks to make the candy glow.

“What an incredible night we had at the first Mother & Son Glow Party on Friday!” wrote Parents’ Group President Denise Colangelo on the Facebook Parents’ Group page.

“None of this would have been possible if it were not for the dedicated members of our Parents’ Group. Special thanks to our chair of the event, Lanie Salebra. Her vision and generosity made this a night to remember! And thank you to Mark Salebra for helping us along the way. Thank you to the following committee members and volunteers who put in many hours to ensure the best party for all: Shannon Shipp Stalzer, Cathy Cuesta-Larrinaga, Vickie Busciglio Cuesta and John Cuesta III, Natalia Chavarro and Pete Vaughn, Jennifer Love, Jen Sokolowski, Wendy and Jon Covington, Saskia Etter, Samantha Lewis, Christopher Bourque, Heather Mariscal, James and Gretchen Idle Renlund, and Marjorie Deskovich. Thank you also to our Lower School administration, Anita Fine, Jennifer Grabowski, and Matt Olesnevich; our fabulous Marketing and Communication team, Jessica Van Curen and Lauren Pruett; our dining service SAGE Dining did an amazing job with the delicious food and beverages; and thank you to our Maintenance department for helping us transform the gym!”

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