Kim Graham-Lawless ‘99S wins NOSCA Award

Kim Graham Lawless 1009.largeKim Graham-Lawless has dedicated her career to promoting equity in education, closing the achievement gap and helping all students reach their potential. She is committed to making college access and readiness a reality for every student.

After graduating with her Master’s degree in School Counseling from the University of Maryland in 2009, Kim was hired to found and lead the Student Services and College Counseling Department at KIPP DC College Preparatory (KCP).

KCP is KIPP DC’s founding high school located in the underserved Anacostia community in Washington, D.C. At KCP, 86% of students qualify for free and reduced meals and 86% of the students will be the first in their families to go to college.

Kim works tirelessly to create and implement programs that ensure all students and families have access to the resources and preparation necessary to successfully apply to college. This work includes facilitating community partnerships, assisting students in finding and applying for internships, creating community service opportunities, supporting parents through the college application and financial aid process, organizing SAT/ACT prep for all students, and helping students and parents navigate the college application process.

In addition, she fostered the growth of more than 70 extra-curricular and summer programs, leading to 100% student participation in each area. Kim assisted in securing over $2,000,000 in scholarships and grants for students, organized large-scale college tours, and helped establish the school’s Honors College program. Kim’s contributions have played a significant role in ensuring that 100% of KCP’s current seniors, the school’s founding class, successfully applied to and were accepted into college.

Kim’s work at KIPP DC builds on a career focused on being a results-focused advocate for students and families. She began her work as a founding teacher in St. Petersburg, Florida at a charter school aimed at helping poor-performing, middle school students achieve success. As a teacher, she received praise for creating innovative experiential and classroom-based learning opportunities for students with alternative education needs.

As the Director of Youth Ministries at Pasadena Community Church she continued her work in service. While in the position, she led numerous national and international mission trips, raised nearly $100,000 for student and community activities and created unique leadership development opportunities for youths in the community.

Congratulations Kim, this is an incredible accomplishment and the entire community at Admiral Farragut Academy is so proud of the positive impacts you are making in life.

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