Alumni Updates & Class Notes: December 2018

Featuring: CAPT David Isquith ’53, USN (RET); Morgan Underberg (Neuhoff) ’06; LT Blake Lusty ’09, USA; ENS Amanda Puckett ’12, USN; and LTJG Taylor Scott ’12, USN

CAPT David Isquith ’53, USN (RET)

“Thank you for the Fall 2018 issue of REVEILLE. There has been a massive change at Farragut, in facilities, events, programs, and opportunities since my late brothers (Alan & Robert) and I attended Farragut North. I almost wish that I had waited until Farragut South reached its present level before I enrolled. Of course, that was in the Class of 1953 and the tuition was $5,000/year per student, eggs were 26 cents a dozen, and Sam was the chief cook.

My wife Clare, owner of Global Adventures in Travel, LLC and a Virtuoso travel agent, recently put together a highly successful Columbia River cruise for a number of my U.S. Naval Academy ’57 classmates. One whom you may recall of special note – Class ’53, AFA South – is BGEN Charles Duke, USAF, the youngest astronaut to walk on the moon’s surface.

Charlie is on the left, with his wife Dorothy, in the attached photograph. Clare and I are in the center, and another Annapolis classmate, Dr. Brad Parkinson (COL, USAF (Ret)) – the reason we have GPS today – and his wife Ginny are on the right.

The other photo was taken at a resort gala on June 30, 2017, in celebration of Clare’s 80th birthday and our 60th anniversary. We were married the same month I graduated from Annapolis.

Again, I regret that I never took the opportunity to attend a reunion at Farragut North, with my brothers and Clare’s brothers, Daniel ’53 and Norman ’52, but my wife and I have visited and were very impressed with Farragut South.

David Isquith ‘53N
CAPT, USN (Ret)”

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