Faculty with Perspective: Our international faculty share their experience in other parts of the world and how they have been able to interact with students at Farragut. Most importantly, they reveal how much value the international connection adds to Farragut’s identity.

Meet Mrs. Forrester

Lower School Spanish Teacher

After attaining a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Spanish from Stetson University, Mrs. Forrester received her master’s in Developmental Psychology from the University of Sussex in Brighton, United Kingdom. She taught in an international boarding school and the international English summer camp in the same location, for six months.  

“My experiences there prepared me for differences I encounter in the classroom such as the confidence students have in participating in discussions. I learned to create space for all the different perspectives and time for international students to express their thoughts. In addition, I’ve enjoyed seeing how international students have thrived in the extracurricular activities at Farragut. These activities are an important way our students expand their friendships outside of speakers of their native language. It is charming to see students learning about different cultures and building connections that foster appreciation for the many ways we are all similar no matter the part of the world in which we are born.”