Kelly Rubash ‘09 finished as the Second Runner-Up in Tampa Bay Woman of the Year fundraising event

KellyGene Rubash headshot

On March 5, Kelly Rubash ‘09 finished as the Second Runner-Up in the sixth annual Tampa Bay Woman of the Year fundraising event by the Westchase Foundation in Hillsborough County. The competition lasted over nine weeks during which 13 candidates raised funds for families in need, totaling a little over $100,000 during that span.

“It was an amazing experience and something I am very proud of,” said Rubash, who recently received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing Management from Webber International University. “To see the joy on the faces of the children who attended, especially the ones I personally worked with over the past few months, is an incredible feeling. You realize how much of a difference you can make in someone’s life and it gives you perspective and a purpose.”

Kelly with Lilly

Kelly with Lilly James, a future recipient of scleral shells which she will receive because of the funds raised for WCF.

In particular, Rubash mentioned a young girl named Lilly, the daughter of Pete and Jennifer James, who needs scleral shells, an ocular prosthesis that is worn over an existing blind eye or shrinking eye, that cost $5,000 per eye. Through the foundation, Rubash was able to raise the necessary monies to cover the entire cost.

“It was really special to see them on that night and listen to how grateful they were,” said Rubash, who received donations from 17 different contributors.

Since graduating from Farragut, Rubash has been involved in several high profile events during her competitive endeavors as a collegiate golfer at Webber. In addition, she has overseen many projects for companies like Colorado Boxed Beef, Genius Central, and YourMembership, where she currently works as Marketing Specialist & Event Coordinator.

Rubash, though, is most proud of her efforts with charitable organizations, something she began doing early on while at Farragut.

“Farragut gave me the necessary foundation where I felt confident to participate in many different things in my life,” said Rubash, who was a volunteer with The First Tee of St. Petersburg organization while at Farragut. “That’s one of the best components of Farragut. It’s instilled in you to become a multi-tasker. You learn to take on skills through multiple channels. You work hard to be the best you can be in a variety of endeavors. Farragut also taught me how to effectively balance the different responsibilities in life.”

The Westchase Charitable Foundation (WCF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity that relies on fundraising to provide financial assistance to families who have children battling a serious illness or who have been faced with a devastating family tragedy. The organization is managed solely by volunteer members who donate their time, money, and energy to help raise funds while minimizing all expenses. Since its inception, the WCF has provided over $400,000 in direct financial grants to families across the greater Tampa Bay area. Please note that WCF does not receive any government funding and therefore is solely reliant on fundraising activities and corporate sponsorships in order to maintain our mission to support families in their time of need.

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