Alumni Fighting the Pandemic on the Front Lines

Some heroes wear capes and some wear scrubs. National Nurses Day was observed this past month and we have several alumni who are nurses and doctors, some who are fighting the pandemic on the front lines.  

Dr. Michael Sebesta ‘88N is a military doctor who sacrificed his time with his family in El Paso, TX, to support the overwhelmed hospital systems in the epicenter of NYC. Dr. Sebesta worked alongside other doctors and nurses with the US Navy. He supported a medical team at Woodhull Medical in Brooklyn, NY, that converted an entire medical unit to an ICU to treat the COVID-19 patients.  Dr. Sebesta provided his expertise for seven weeks during the height of the pandemic.

Mark Allen ‘92S (left) is a flight nurse with AirMethods, one of the top helicopter critical care services in the nation. He is based out of Colorado Springs, CO. The ambulance air service is known for transporting trauma victims to the appropriate hospitals to meet the critical care necessary.

Noah Silverberg ‘09 is also a nurse working the front lines at Morton Plant Hospital, one of the top hospitals for patient care in the Tampa Bay area.

These alumni nurses and doctors have served many in this critical time and are making a significant difference in many lives. Thank you. If you have more alumni updates, please email