Coach Barnhill was named as the Coach of the Year for Boys and Girls Track

Coach Phil Barnhill — Coach Barnhill was named as the Coach of the Year for Boys and Girls Track by the Tampa Bay Times in its 2015 all-Tampa Bay track team. Coach Barnhill was instrumental in leading the girls team to its first state title in school history. Besides receiving impressive performances by Brittany and Katie at the state tournament, the team benefitted from junior Ashaunti Brown’s third place showing in the shot put and fourth in the discus, senior Charlisa Jenkins’ fifth-place showing in the shot put, and eighth grader Jazmine Alderman’s fifth place finish in the 100 M and fourth in the 200 M. The boys team finished fourth at the state finals, highlighted by Alex Gray’s gold medal in the 200 M and second place showing in the 100 M.

Schedule of a day in the life of a boarding student

A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student

From the time “Reveille” is played in the morning to when “Taps” is played in the evening, a boarding student’s life is filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and bond. Farragut not only provides order and structure to help prepare students for college and beyond, but also a well-rounded experience with opportunities to be involved in signature academic programs and many extracurricular activities outside of the academic day.

0600 Reveille is the daily morning bugle call to wake up. Boarders are required to fall out and stand at attention outside their dorm room until everyone is awake and accounted for.

0605 – 0615 This time is used to get dressed into the uniform of the day which consists of either Salt & Peppers, NSU, or Travel Gear.

0620 – 0730 Mandatory Breakfast Formation begins on the West Grinder which includes uniform check followed by breakfast in the Mess Hall. After breakfast, boarders take medications if necessary and go back to their rooms to make their bed, fold their clothes, sweep the floor, take out the trash, clean the bathroom, etc. Daily Room Inspection occurs while the boarders are attending school.

0715 – 0745 Morning tutorial is offered every day for thirty minutes before school starts by all faculty members in their classroom.

0730 – 0745 Laundry drop-off and pick-up at the Ship’s Store.

0745 – 0840 Dorms are locked for the academic day and students report to their first class. The Upper School follows seven types of rotating schedules lettered “A” through “G” so each day is somewhat different.

0845 – 0900 The regimental staff gets the entire Upper School in line for Morning Formation on the East Grinder to check uniforms and share the POD (Plan of the Day). Note: On the “G” day schedule, which is typically Monday, school starts at 0800 and the Upper School has Morning Formation and Drill from 0845 – 0935 which includes sharing the POD, parade practice, or attending special character education seminars.

0905 – 1450 The school day resumes. Every student will take a course load contingent upon their specific curriculum which may include honors, advanced placement, and dual enrollment courses. They may also choose to enroll in any of the signature programs including Aviation, Marine Science, Naval Science, Engineering, and Scuba. Lunch is from 1100 – 1300 each day.

1450 – 1530 Afternoon tutorial is offered every day for thirty minutes after school ends by all faculty members in their classroom.

1500 – 1700 Boarders participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, drill, the waterfront, and the arts.

1600 – 1700 Boarders not involved in extracurriculars are required to be out of the dormitories and are encouraged to be active outside, ie: jogging the track, playing basketball, etc.

1730 – 1830 Dinner is served in the Mess Hall. A full kitchen staff with professional culinary backgrounds prepare fresh meals each day.

1850 First call for CQ (Call to Quarters) which means all boarders need to report back to the dorms in Farragut Hall and prepare for study hall.

1900 – 2000 First period study hall begins. Boarders needing assistance to improve their grades or who are falling behind in their work are supervised by a faculty or staff member in a classroom or in the Student Center. Other students are required to work at his or her individual desk in their dorm room or often join study hall in the Student Center.

2010 – 2055 Students are given a ten minute break to stretch, talk, or make a quick phone call, but then are asked to return back to their homework. Second period study hall begins.

2100 – 2120 Boarders pick up their mail and/or take their medication.

2120 – 2130 CQ for students to report to their dorm rooms.

2130 Taps is is the daily evening bugle call to end the day. Boarders are required to fall out and stand at attention outside their dorm room until everyone is accounted for.

2200 Main dorm room lights must be turned off, however boarders may study quietly at their desks with the desk light on.

On the weekends, Liberty (permission to leave campus during the day) and Leave (permission to leave campus overnight) lasts from 1200 – 2100 on Friday and Saturday with scheduled mandatory check-ins. On Sunday, Liberty and Leave ends at 1800. Liberty includes everything from enjoying the campus waterfront to taking trips with residential life staff or other faculty members to downtown St. Petersburg to see a movie, shopping at the mall, dinner outings, etc. Students also enjoy special weekends visiting nearby theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney in Orlando or Busch Gardens in Tampa.