From the Head of Lower School

Welcome to Admiral Farragut Academy — a preparatory school unmatched in its breadth and depth, its capacity for innovation, and its commitment to global engagement. As you and your child take this journey, I encourage you to consider how your child might take advantage of the almost limitless possibilities at Farragut.

We at Farragut often point to the achievements of our alumni – an extraordinary group of astronauts, ship captains, entrepreneurs, high-ranking military personnel, public servants, inventors, artists, performers, and leaders in nearly any field you can think of. For many, their life’s work can be traced back to the foundation established at Farragut. Their remarkable stories can be linked to teachers who encouraged them, peers who applauded them, adversities they have overcome, and endless opportunities sought and achieved.

Academic excellence is expressed in our incredibly broad and deep curriculum which includes innovative programs like STEM and Marine Science. With small class sizes, our teachers are able to meet students where they are, then push them further than they ever thought possible. Students who demonstrate exceptional ability take on work that enables them to tap into their full potential.

Farragut is blessed to have a world-class faculty, devoted to teaching and connecting with students well beyond the classroom walls. For us, learning doesn’t just happen within the confines of the classroom. The Farragut Experience allows students the opportunity to learn at places like the Kennedy Space Center, Zoo School at Busch Gardens, Albert Whitted Airport, Salvador Dali Museum, and St. Augustine, just to name a few.

The most important aspect of Farragut – what ultimately attracted me to join this extraordinary place — is the shared commitment to high principles and to continuous learning and innovation. Farragut is a place of tradition and strongly held values, and also a place that never rests on its laurels. I hope that you and your child will take full advantage of all that Farragut has to offer.

I look forward to being a part of your journey.

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Mrs. Anita Fine
Head of Lower School