A Virtual Experience of the Arts at Farragut

Featuring Our Talented Upper School Students

The 2021 Upper School Spring Art Show is featured virtually this year. The projects below feature 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional artwork, photography, music features, drama presentations, and poetry.

Visual Arts

Art I, II, III Honors, and Photography

Featured artwork and artists from Art I, Art II, and Art III Honors are in the presentation below. The slides advance every 5 seconds or click slides to manually advance.

Photography portfolios from the Upper School Photography class.

Performing Arts

Music and Drama

Recorded soundtracks by the Band and Music students.

Performances by students in Drama.

Literary Arts


Poetry wrote during the Upper School English class.

Casey McKee

Reading Between The Lines (of the staff)

by Casey McKee ’21

“Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory-” -P.B. Shelley

How does one distinguish themselves
As a true musician?
Is raw musical talent defined
By forcing a series of sounds out of an inanimate object?

A true musician knows otherwise
Much less a skill to possess-
Music shares more similarities to poetry
Than to any field of academia

To be a musician is to express
To evoke emotion through a change in key signature To feel pain through a single crescendo
To be inspired by a single measure

So, you believe that music is your calling?
But does music call to you?
Does it speak to you on a deeper level?
A connection far beyond notes hung from a staff

To be a musician is to possess the extraordinary ability
To create words in the absence of voice
An entire narrative composed of a series of black and white scribbles
That grasp the mind and carry it to a far off place

Very few have succeeded at becoming the epitome of music
It requires beyond what technical training can provide
Music requires passion, and the absence of it
Music is merely noise.


by Cristian Rogers-Romero ’21

That’s me a freak,

It’s true, just like the monsters under your bed I’ll make your shriek

It’s not my fault; I just prefer the dark and the mystery that lurks inside

The adrenaline rush just like biting on cyanide

If I knew being different meant I would be an outcast; I would have told people way earlier

I’m not stressed about being the most popular; all those girls try and please boys by looking curvier

I like to just freak out on my own time and do whatever makes me happy

Sure I may look different from everyone else, but at least I don’t look scrappy…

All the “cool kids” are boys and girls dressed accordingly to social norms

It enrages them to see someone different almost like a thunder storm

They/them I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand

When I ask to be addressed people act like they are sinking in quicksand

All I want to do is to be treated like a human being

But until then I’ll wear the title of a freak like a badge.

Thank You

From Our Students and Faculty

We hope that you enjoyed our virtual show!

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