Shane Houppert

Shane Houppert

English Teacher


Master of Science in Inclusive Special Education (7-12)
Syracuse University

Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and Science
SUNY Plattsburgh


This will be Houppert’s sixth year teaching English (grades 6-12) in classrooms that focus on inclusive, diverse backgrounds.

These years of teaching experience include one year at Nottingham High School in the city of Syracuse, New York, two years at Leto High School, where he served as a High School English and Special Education Teacher, and two years at Sports Leadership and Management Academy of Tampa.

Furthermore, throughout his professional career, he has been involved in the field of Special Education. This special education experience has included teaching in all types of Special Education Classrooms, and he even has served in Special Education Leadership roles. This experience has helped him develop a diverse understanding of teaching strategies and learning styles when it comes to students gaining reading and writing skills.  It has also enabled him to develop a highly structured and organized classroom setting, in which students in the subject of English need to ensure their success.

In addition, Houppert is a strong advocate for instilling key values in students and athletes. These values include self-motivation, discipline, and a strong mindset – values that play a significant role in the mission of Admiral Farragut Academy.

He has developed these values through his experiences in athletics, specifically through his time as a collegiate baseball player and a professional hitting coach. Through his experience coaching hitting for baseball and softball, he has been able to work with extremely motivated and disciplined individuals on a daily basis. This allows him to have a crucial understanding of how to develop these characteristics in students and in athletes.

When he’s not in the classroom, you will find Houppert either watching baseball or coaching it. He has also enjoyed fishing and started at an early age.

Employed since 2020.