We Are Farragut

International Boarding School in St. Petersburg, Florida

We are an Academy rich in naval tradition since 1933.
We are a boarding school, building character and leadership one student at a time.
We are a family of international diversity.
We are students prepared to thrive in our global community through hands-on experience.
We Are Farragut.

Your Future Starts Here

Admiral Farragut Academy

“I think I’m a lot farther ahead than I would have been if I were to have stayed back home for school or gone to some normal public school. This environment is what I needed to motivate me and keep me on track.” | Ethan L., Senior and Boarding Student

Students who attend boarding schools are 78% more prepared for college, 75% more motivated by their peers, and 91% more academically challenged than peers that attend private day schools.

Research provided by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)

The military component provides structure, self-discipline, respect, independence, and well-rounded character development. Military high school students also have the advantage to earn appointments and nominations that otherwise may be difficult to get attending any other school.

Boarding Student Tuition at Farragut:

  • Ranges $43,000-$55,000 dependent upon the following criteria:
    • If the student is a U.S. citizen living domestically or an international student from another country
    • Whether the student will be a 7-day boarder (most common option) or a 5-day boarder (available option for students that drive and live hours from the school

Why Farragut?

Farragut’s primary focus is developing the whole child. We use the military tools to create well-rounded, respectful young men and women, but we are so much more.

Leadership | At Farragut, there is a saying that goes, “On Purpose, With Purpose.” Farragut’s approach to leadership transforms, inspires, and empowers young people to create a positive change in their school and communities.  Students have many positions to choose from on the Regimental Command.

STEM | Students have an opportunity to explore and experience engineering through a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and real-world problem-solving.

Marine Science & Sailing | With a location directly on Boca Ciega Bay, students have a ton of hands-on marine science opportunities and water activities like sailing, kayaking, and more.

Band, Drama, & Art | Students now get to enjoy a new state-of-the-art theatre and multipurpose building.

Scuba | Students explore Florida springs and dive locations and can earn certifications up to the Divemaster level.

Aviation | Students learn to fly at our local airport and may earn their private pilot’s certificate.

Athletics | Available for every athletic level. Our motto is #SuccessIsNeverAccidental.

College Prep | 100% matriculation rate and over $7 million earned in scholarships.

  • Student Collage: Affordability and Scholarships at Admiral Farragut Academy

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Discover your child's limitless potential with our strong academic and signature programs.
Now Enrolling! Save Your Spot.
Discover your child's limitless potential with our strong academic and signature programs.