Upper School US history class travels back in time at Cannon School

The Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) class at Admiral Farragut Academy recently attended their 10th annual Cannon School at the National Park Service Headquarters in St. Augustine, FL.

As part of the curriculum, seven students learned how to roll gunpowder into canisters, load, and fire them according to the field manual of Spanish soldiers who manned the Castillo de San Marcos. After spending one day in the classroom and one day practicing on the gun decks above Bastion San Pablo, the Farragut APUSH class donned the uniforms of 18th century artillerymen and performed 17 different cadences, all directed in Peninsular Spanish.

After completion of the classroom and practical tests, the Farragut students in attendance, Bianca DeSilva, Maya Cooney, Jolie Caya, James Bossard, Max Panfilov, Max Poliak, and Bat-Enguun Javkhlan, all received their historic weapons certification which will enable them to volunteer at any National Park Service living history demonstration throughout the US.

Mr. Panuthos takes his APUSH class annually to Cannon School, which the National Park Service holds especially for Admiral Farragut Academy students.