Upper School students celebrate Spirit Week 2017

Last week at Admiral Farragut Academy, our Upper School students showed their spirit with five themed days of dress up and finished off the week with the Homecoming Dance at The Club at Treasure Island.

Decades Day

For Decades Day, 8th graders dressed as the 1950’s, Freshmen dressed as the 1960s, Sophomores dressed as the 1970s, Juniors dressed as the 1980s, and Seniors dressed as the 1990s.

Flock Day

For Flock Day, groups of friends formed flocks by dressing similarly. There were a lot of clever spins on this idea, such as the Scooby gang, a group of football players, and even a group of students dressed like Language Arts teacher and wrestling coach Andrew LaCroix (identifiable by the cans of LaCroix flavored sparkling water they carried with them). The teachers even get involved, with the Science Department forming a flock of mad scientists.

Sports Day

On Sports Day, students were encouraged to wear the jersey of their favorite sports team. There were jerseys ranging from football teams to baseball teams and even international soccer teams.

Marvel/DC Superhero Day

On Superhero day, students wore outfits inspired by Marvel and DC superheroes. Some went all out, dressing in full costume as Spiderman or Batman, while others went with a t-shirt or jacket. A group of students dressed as superheroes visited the First Grade classroom and read with them as well!

Battalion Day

To finish out the week, the Upper School Students dressed in their Battalion gear for the very first Battalion Wars of the school year! Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie competed against each other in five events designed to test their speed, skill, and endurance.

“The students were really hyped and enthusiastic,” Mr. LaCroix, who organized the Battalion Wars, said. “Education is always first, but lasting memories are important as well, and I firmly believe this is helping to enhance the students experience here at AFA.”


Charlie: 17
Alpha: 15
Bravo: 13

Homecoming Dance

The final event of Spirit Week was, of course, the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night at The Club at Treasure Island. Students dressed to impress and danced the night away!