Three student-athletes sign to compete on the collegiate level

On Tuesday, April 18, three student-athletes signed for a scholarship to compete on the collegiate level.

Breanna Lattimore ‘17 signed for a soccer scholarship to compete at Broward College.

“I marvel at her abilities,” said Scott Singleton, who coached Breanna her freshman to junior year. “She is one of the toughest players I have ever coached… She loves the physical aspect of soccer… She is also one of the true leaders on the team over the years. She is a vocal leader, always encouraging her teammates to do well. She also lead by example… She was mentally and physically prepared for every game she played and no matter what the score was for that game, she always played hard no matter what the situation was. I know she will be successful in the next step of her career.”

Emilio Saenz ‘17 signed for a tennis scholarship to compete at Michigan Tech.

“If you’ve ever been on our campus during the weekend you will see Emilio practicing for two hours on the tennis court to make himself a better player,” said Tom McGlinn, Assistant Headmaster, who sometimes plays tennis with Emilio. “He is nationally ranked and sponsored in Ecuador. It isn’t easy to get a scholarship for tennis, a lot of individual sports do not have many scholarships to offer… It’s a great honor to Emilio for what he’s accomplished… He’s done a fantastic job… We are very very proud.”

Harrison Wolliver ‘17 signed for a football and academic scholarship to compete at Malone University.

“He did many impressive things as a football player for us,” said Rick Kravitz, Head Football Coach. “What impressed me the most was the highest grade core average I’ve ever had was Harrison. He as a 4.4 grade point average… We showed one or two clips and his grade point average and he had 15 out of 15 schools want to offer him something… He’s an outstanding individual. I know he’ll be an access. He comes from a great family and they’re going to give him the guidance to be anything that he wants to be, and he will be a success.”

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