Fred Nelson ‘59 reflections after returning to Farragut

Fred Nelson ‘59S shared some of his thoughts after he visited Farragut last fall (and he’s returning in October for his 60th reunion). Here are some highlights. Read more

Gary Sands ‘08, James Sands ‘18, and family rebuild their business with high hopes

The Nassau-based Sands family, part of the Farragut family for more than a decade, is in early stages of recovering from a damaging hit on their business.  Gary, the general manager for the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company (BBB), graduated in 2008; his brother James graduated in 2018 (and attends SUNY Maritime College). The hurricane devastated the brewery but not its spirit, family values, or resilience. Read their story. Read more

Rick Clegg ’75N donates shipping container home to Bahamian family

Rick Clegg, Palm Beach entrepreneur from the class of 1975, is the owner of Jupiter Outdoor Center, which builds alternative housing utilizing shipping containers. Rick has donated one of his recycled homes to a Bahamian family of seven that survived Hurricane Dorian but lost their entire home. Rick’s donation of the container home will give this family a place to stay and help them as they embark on a new start. View the article source. Read more

Alumni Updates & Class Notes: August 2019

Featuring: Charlie Duke ’53S, Lt. Col. Bill Masciangelo USMC (ret.) ’62N, Al Ferrante ’64N, David Bowser ’80S, Ashley Patterson-Beaty ’02, April Silverberg ’08, Dylan Burke ’18, Peter Parmenter ’83S, Troy Donahue ’84S, Larry Pomeroy ’85S, Ethan Lipsky ’18

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Charlie Duke ’53 recalls Apollo 11 moon landing on the 50th anniversary

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon and changed history for space exploration. In this video, astronaut and Farragut graduate, Charlie Duke ’53S, who later became the 10th and youngest man to walk on the moon with Apollo 16, recalls his experience being CAPCOM for the landing.   ✨

These moments make us so proud yet humbled that we could be at the beginning of a journey that led to the moon. “Keep your vision wide,” says Charlie. ⚓️

Farragut graduate Alan Shepard ’41 also walked on the moon with Apollo 14.

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After 65 years, alumni meet two doors down

Raey Webster ‘59 (left) and CAPT Peter Easton, USN (Ret) ‘49 (right)

Peter Easton graduated just a few years after World War II. Raey Webster finished when Elvis Presley was king. They finally met when American Sniper was one of the biggest things on the silver screen.

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Spotlight on Alumni in the Entertainment Industry

Admiral Farragut Academy alumni aren’t just astronauts and admirals. Farragut also has many alumni working in the entertainment industry as actors, writers, directors, producers, and more. The following are just a few of those alumni who attribute much of their success today to the skills they developed at Farragut.

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The beginnings of a family legacy tradition at Farragut

Bill, far right, with his mother, Julia, and his dad, William “Masci” Masciangelo ’37, at Bill’s graduation in 1962

Bill Masciangelo ’62N shared this story about growing up as one of the first legacy families of Farragut.

My dad was William Masciangelo Class of ‘37N and was fondly known as “Masci” by friends and alumni. He gave his life to Admiral Farragut Academy and served as its Public Relations Officer for almost 50 years.

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Living Life Through a Farragut Lens – Joseph Zolfo ’86N

Joseph Zolfo ‘86N came to Admiral Farragut Academy by way of Staten Island and to filmmaking by way of childhood plays and home movies. Today, he produces the hit CBS TV show God Friended Me.

“Unequivocally, I would not be sitting in this chair today if I had not gone to Farragut,” he said from his office at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. “That’s an absolute fact. The bar was just set so high at Farragut.”

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