Regimental Commander and Staff announced for 2nd Semester 2018-19; interview with former and incoming RC

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Regimental Leadership Staff for the 2nd semester of the 2018-19 school year.

The following cadets are promoted to the position and rank:

  • Regimental Commander: CCDR Valentina Galiano
  • Regimental Chief of Staff: CLCDR Alex Oi
  • Regimental Operations Officer: CLTJG Fernando Robalino
  • Regimental Administration Officer: CLTJG Amy Xu
  • Regimental Public Affairs Officer: CPO3 Diana Romanovskaya
  • Regimental Logistics Officer: CLTJG Ty Ulevich
  • Regimental Ordnance Officer: CCPO Jenna Willard
  • Regimental Supply Officer: CPO2 Vladimir Poliak
  • Regimental Training Officer: CLTJG Maya Cooney
  • Regimental Adjutant: CLT Stephen Smiley
  • Alpha Battalion Commander: CLTJG Alexis Hernandez
  • Alpha Battalion Executive Officer: CLTJG Josiah Davis-Brown
  • Bravo Battalion Commander: CLCDR Gianni DeFelice
  • Bravo Battalion Executive Officer: CCPO Haley Saylor
  • Charlie Battalion Commander CLTJG Shyann Laporte:
  • Charlie Battalion Executive Officer: CLTJG Ashton Raymer

An Interview with 2018-19 2nd Semester Regimental Commander Valentina Fornaro Galliano ‘19

Valentina is an international student from Argentina and has attended Farragut since the 8th grade.

What does this leadership role mean to you?

It’s something that I’ve always wanted. When I first started at Farragut I saw the Regimental Commander during a parade and I told my mom, “I’m gonna be standing there one day.” Now that I’m here, I know it’s more than just being up there in front of everyone. I understand the importance of the role and the responsibility that comes with it. But what’s even more important is that it was my ultimate goal, and it’s a goal that I achieved.

What do you hope to accomplish this upcoming semester?

I’ve always had a focus on boarding life. It’s important to me because Farragut is my home. I really want to start getting the other students involved, not because they’re required to be, but because they want to be. I also want to bring back the level of respect for commanding officers that I remember from my 8th-grade year, and make sure that everyone is doing their job and getting stuff done.

How did you feel when you found out you would be the new Regimental Commander?

We found out at a formation where they announced promotions from the bottom up, and I kept not hearing my name. I was trying not to get too excited, but then it actually happened. It was a goal that was so important to me. My grandfather was in the military in Argentina in the days when serving was mandatory, and it was a tough military then. The fact that I can stand tall at graduation and show him that I did something important with my time here really makes it worth it.

How has your time at Farragut prepared you for this leadership role?

I know that once people get to college, a lot of people have a tough time because of time management or not being able to handle everything that’s on their plate. Farragut has prepared me for that. It’s taught me how to delegate and how to work in a team. It’s tough to work in a team because you have to trust that the other person is going to get stuff done, but Farragut has helped me with that. It’s also helped me understand that while people may not have the best reaction, you have to let it roll off of you and get stuff done anyway.

What is your goal for college and for a career?

I’m currently going through the recruitment process to play soccer at the college level. I’m planning to study business and maybe aviation in college, and my ultimate goal is to create my own business.

An Interview with 2018-19 1st Semester Regimental Commander Evan Schlifstein ’19

Evan has attended Farragut since the 4th grade and is a former day student from St. Petersburg who moved onto campus this past year as a boarder since earning his recent leadership role.

What words of advice would you give Valentina as you complete the Change of Command?

Don’t get frustrated. You’ll start out with all of these goals and you have these benchmarks and you have the right people in the right positions, but sometimes it doesn’t happen, and it can be frustrating. But part of the position is being able to get over that frustration, whether it’s finding solutions or going down a different pathway. You just have to roll with the punches.

How did being the Regimental Commander impact you as a person and as a leader for your future?

I’ve been at Farragut for nine years now, and this past semester has been the most impactful of my life. Being a 7-day boarder, being Regimental Commander, or even just being an officer and leader in general at this school, has taught me a sense of integrity that I never imagined I’d have. When you’re living on campus 24/7 with the people you’re trying to lead, you have to act properly or else you lose their respect so easily. You have to be on top of your game, following rules, no matter what, because how can you expect people to respect the rules if you don’t?

What was your biggest accomplishment last semester as Regimental Commander?

I think our biggest accomplishment was getting a steady officer base. I’m really proud to say that we have the right people for the job in the right positions. I’ve had the best people I could ever ask for working under me. The second biggest accomplishment is that we’ve grown the morale of the regiment and the respect our students have for the naval aspect of the school. We’ve managed to inspire others to strive for leadership positions and to show the rest why we wear the uniform and why we’re proud of what we do.

What is your goal for college and for a career?

I’ve applied to the Naval Academy as my first choice, the Air Force Academy as my second, and if neither of those pan out just something with ROTC. I want to become a pilot, and then eventually a doctor in the Navy.