Officer Mike from School Protection Division of CIS visits PreK

PreK class

Staff Sergeant Michael Marcus, the supervisor of the School Protection Division of Critical Intervention Services (CIS), visited Mrs. Reynolds’ PreK class on Tuesday morning and discussed his role on campus. Known around campus as Officer Mike, he spent about an hour with the kids describing the purpose of each tool on his duty belt, including some entertaining discussion about the handcuffs, the flashlight, the first aid kit and the radio.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the presentation came when Officer Mike asked the soon-to-be-kindergarteners the reason for carrying two handcuffs.

One answer was “to lock up a bag of gold” and another answer was to “trap and catch The Incredible Hulk.”

Officer Mike also showed the students the vehicle he uses around campus, namely how the lights work and what it’s like to sit in the driver’s seat.

Officer Mike’s visit was a part of the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program, which was created in 2013 to explain to students the need for a comprehensive and effective security program on campus. The uniquely integrated and comprehensive nature of the program has already drawn national-level interest and recognition from the criminal justice and school safety community and has been peer reviewed by John Jay College of Criminal Justice as a model for national best practices in May 2014.

Officer Mike will be working on campus during school hours five days a week until August, when Officer Mike will begin overseeing other officers working a 24-hour cycle, seven days a week at Admiral Farragut Academy.

Thank you for your visit!