Naval Science announces cadet promotions for the beginning of 2018-19

At morning formation on Wednesday, September 6, Naval Science announced cadet promotions for the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.


With the recommendation of the Senior Naval JROTC Science Instructor, Commander Rick Schock, the following promotions and positions are announced for the 1st semester of the school year 2018-2019.

The following cadets are promoted to the position and rank indicated below:

  • Regimental Commander
    CCDR Evan Schlifstein
  • Regimental Chief of Staff
    CLCDR Valentina Fornaro
  • Regimental Operations Officer
    CLTJG Fernando Robalino
  • Regimental Administration Officer
    CLTJG Amy Xu
  • Regimental Public Affairs Officer
    CPO3 Diana Romanovskaya
  • Regimental Logistics Officer
    CLTJG Ty Ulevich
  • Regimental Ordinance Officer
    CENS Kenneth Fisher
  • Regimental Supply Officer
    CPO2 Vladimir Poliak
  • Regimental Training Officer
    CLTJG Ashton Raymer
  • Alpha Battalion Commander
    CLCDR Spencer Kirkland
  • Alpha Battalion Executive Officer
    CLTJG Alexis Hernandez
  • Bravo Battalion Commander
    CLCDR Gianni DeFelice
  • Bravo Battalion Executive Officer
    CLTJG Harold Zhang
  • Charlie Battalion Commander
    CLCDR Alex Oi
  • Charlie Battalion Executive Officer
    CLTJG Maya Cooney

Congratulations to our new cadet officers!

This year the regiment also developed a STUDENT LEADER CADET CREED. It reads as following:

  • I am a student leader at Admiral Farragut Academy.
  • I am proud of this school’s heritage and rich Naval History.
  • My every action will be guided by the Navy’s core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.
  • I fully embrace and work to promote Admiral Farragut’s goals as stated in the Academy’s Mission Statement.
  • I understand and enthusiastically support a culture of Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Discipline, and Wellness.
  • I will listen carefully to others, seriously and thoughtfully considering the ideas of those who may think differently.
  • I will work hard to ensure every member of our international student body is embraced by inclusive, supportive and empathetic behavior.
  • I will be impartial and fair in my decision making.
  • I will wear my uniform proudly and behave in a humble manner that is encouraging to others.
  • I pledge my support to help every cadet achieve academic success as well as their personal goals.
  • I will lead in the classroom, on the athletic field, and on the grinder.  I am aware that I represent my Academy in and out of uniform, on and off campus.
  • I accept all challenges and will work through the chain of command to make the Admiral Farragut Academy student experience one of achievement, personal accomplishment, and community.