Faculty with Perspective: Our international faculty share their experience in other parts of the world and how they have been able to interact with students at Farragut. Most importantly, they reveal how much value the international connection adds to Farragut’s identity.

Meet Mr. Robalino

Upper School Spanish Teacher

Mr. Robalino has the dual responsibility of teaching upper school students Spanish while also coaching the boys soccer team. Mr. Robalino spent a good portion of his youth and his young adult life in Ecuador, where he proudly played soccer competitively for his high school and with a semi-pro league. Upon moving to New York City, he attended the College of Staten Island, where he also played soccer. After spending a little over a decade teaching Spanish in the New York metropolitan area, Mr. Robalino and his wife, Lourdes Molina (also a Spanish teacher at Farragut), decided to move to Florida so their son, Fernando, would have “a better place to live and learn than in the city.” After teaching at a few other high schools in Florida, Mr. Robalino landed at Farragut, where he has taught upper level Spanish since 2010.

“My experience – having grown up in Ecuador, having been in New York, having lived a somewhat international life – has taught me incredible life lessons. The sport of soccer – or futbol – has been a passion of mine, as well. The game has allowed me to meet some amazing people who have affected me greatly over the years. The beauty of Farragut is that it is a melting pot like New York City but in this beautiful part of St. Petersburg. You couldn’t ask for a better situation for kids to learn about life before going off to the real world.”