How a military boarding school can benefit a student with ADHD or ADD

The structure provided at a military boarding school can make the ultimate difference for a student struggling with ADHD or ADD. Admiral Farragut Academy takes a proactive approach in helping students succeed with this learning difference.

Upper School Classroom ADHD ADD article

Angie Kobel, the Director of Center for Academic Success at Admiral Farragut Academy, attributes many tools to the success of ADD/ADHD cadets at the school.

First, prior to admitting any student with ADD or ADHD, a review of the prospective student’s 504/IEP is administered to ensure Farragut can meet the student’s learning needs. After admission, for those students who need some additional help, an Academic Coaching Class is offered. This class is part of each school day, providing structured time dedicated to going over assignments and study strategies, along with test preparation and essay review. After lunch every day, all students have a forty-five minute study hall.

Even after classes are over, Farragut offers ample opportunities for boarding students, including those with ADD/ADHD, to excel. Every evening from 1900-2030 (7PM until 8:30 PM), boarding students are required to participate in a study hall supervised by the Residence Life department. If there are too many distractions in the barracks, the Student Center offers structured study on a case-by-case basis as well.

(written by Wilson Franklin)