Marine science students experience virtual field trip to Shedd Aquarium

LE_VirtualFieldTrip_400x250_D (1)

On the morning of Tuesday, April 26th our 8th grade marine science students explored shark tanks with aquarists at Shedd Aquarium located in Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Sari Deitche, who is originally from Chicago, enrolled into the Live from Behind the Scenes program so students could hear from Shedd experts, trainers, and veterinarians about their experience taking care of sharks and the aquariums. Each individual has very important roles such as feeding the sharks, documenting how much each shark eats, and even diving into the aquariums (with the sharks) to provide maintenance or collect shark eggs to be added to the nursery. Students had the opportunity to create their own theory for how or where sharks should be tagged for identification.

Here is a video of one of our students asking Shedd experts the question, “What type of training and education do you have to go through to get this job?”